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Our team at Reveal Dental is dedicated to providing you and your family with the best dental care possible. Our state-of-the-art practice and our caring and highly trained team are able to meet all your dental needs in general dentistry. We do this in a comfortable and professional environment and pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise in all that we do.


General dentistry constantly evolves; we are always learning and applying the best techniques available so you and your family can be assured that our standards are up-to-date.


We offer many services to our patients and believe that the better educated our patients are, the better decisions they can make. As a general dentist, we offer many services and procedures to ensure that you are well taken care of.

  • Root canals – Long gone are the days of a root canal being painful or difficult. It is a procedure that can be done in one visit to save a tooth that has become infected. A root canal is done to save a tooth that has become infected. During the treatment, the diseased tooth structure and tissue is removed, the space within the tooth and root is disinfected, the newly cleaned area is sealed with a biocompatible material and a porcelain crown is created to protect and preserve the tooth for many years.
  • Dentures – When there has been substantial tooth loss, dentures are a great way to restore the function of your mouth and give you back your beautiful smile. You’ll be able to speak, chew, and smile with confidence while also restoring the support of your facial muscles, lips and cheeks. We can make full or partial dentures depending on your needs.
  • Extractions – Though our goal is to save teeth, sometimes it is not possible. When that is the case, an extraction is needed for the benefit of your oral and overall health. An extraction can cause little to no discomfort for the patient during the procedure, and you will be on the path toward healing.
  • Night Guards – These are used for excessive teeth grinding or clenching of the jaw. Untreated, it can result in jaw soreness and pain, fractured teeth from the constant pressure, and teeth that become loose or sore. We are able to fit you with a night guard that protects your teeth while you sleep and halt the damage, thereby preventing further issues.

We welcome your questions so please feel free to contact us anytime and let us know how we can be of service to you. We strive to be the best in general dentistry and look forward to taking care of you.

Patient Testimonials

Rina K. February 2, 2017

I needed to have my veneers replaced and I could not have found a better doctor than Dr. Sura! I recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable and honest dentist. His cosmetic/surgical skills are impressive, and I am constantly complimented on my smile.


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