A Kids Dentist Helps Foster Good Dental Habits in our Children In Cedar Park

A father of two himself, Dr. Sura knows firsthand how important it is for children to develop habits for good oral hygiene. By working with young patients throughout his career, continual dental education, and teaching his own children, Dr. Sura fosters good dental habits in kids and their parents. He believes that through positive experiences at their dentist’s office, kids can grow up to be orally healthy adults and less likely to have problems such as cavities.

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However, Dr. Sura also understands that different parents have different philosophies regarding their child’s health care. He is happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about your child’s care plan. We do not take a “one size fits all” approach and are happy to work with you to take care of your child in the best and most appropriate manner.


Prevent Dental Health Problems with Regular Checkups

The best time to stop a dental health problem is before it becomes one. Tooth decay can begin to set in the moment that a tooth erupts from your child’s gums—and that includes baby teeth. By starting as early as six months and making dental appointments a part of your child’s life, you can significantly reduce the chances of problems from cropping up later on.

Good oral hygiene habits continue as kids grow

The role that parents play in their children’s dental health is at least as critical as that of a kids’ dentist. Children need to learn good oral hygiene habits, and no dentist can be there every day to teach them. If you make a point to teach good oral hygiene to your kids, they’ll grow up to take good care of their teeth. And if they had a habit of seeing a kids dentist, they will be much more likely to seek out dental care on their own as adults.


Fluoride Treatment Promotes Long Term Dental Health

Teeth don’t heal as easily as skin and bones do, but there are things we can do to help remineralize—that is, restore the strength of—weakened enamel so that it remains as strong as possible. Fluoride is an element that bonds strongly to your tooth enamel, strengthening it and making it more resistant to decay and dental cavities. Everybody benefits from regular fluoride treatment, but kids do especially because their teeth are more susceptible.


Sealants Keep Your Kids’ Teeth Safe while They Learn

Not doing everything perfectly is part of being a kid, and many take some time to develop the coordination and attention to detail to clean their back teeth properly. Tooth decay sets in surprisingly quickly left unchecked, so kids need a good preventative measure in place while they get the hang of oral hygiene.


Sealants do just that. They coat teeth with a clear, hard layer that’s impenetrable to the bacteria that cause tooth decay, providing long term protection. Applying them is a quick, safe, and painless process – liquid sealant is painted onto the back teeth, or molars, and then hardened by shining a light on them.


Kid-Friendly Services and Facilities

People visit the dentist more often if they like being there, so making a positive association with dentistry early on is important. We take bedside manner seriously so your kids feel comfortable while they are here. We have a play area and TV in every room to keep them engaged!

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Dr. Alkesh Sura has years of experience as a kids dentist and our team at Reveal Dental have worked with pediatric clients throughout their careers in both preventative and palliative dental care. If your child needs a dentist appointment in the Cedar Park and surrounding areas, contact us today to schedule one.

Patient Testimonials

Rina K. February 2, 2017

I needed to have my veneers replaced and I could not have found a better doctor than Dr. Sura! I recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable and honest dentist. His cosmetic/surgical skills are impressive, and I am constantly complimented on my smile.


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